Friday, April 26, 2013

My Cat Postcards for the Pet Postcard Project

Now I have to explain a bit about my cats (there is a method to my madness, just hang on & read).  I have had Spike & Baby, who are blood brother & sister since they were old enough to leave their mother, which was in 1995.  They are now 18 years old, have a few typical health issues of older kitties, but are otherwise doing just fine.  Spike is a normal sized boy (at one point he was 18 pounds) and Baby was the runt of her litter; she has never weighed anymore than 6 pounds.  Despite his name, Spike is a huge scardey cat, yet Baby has NO fear of anything or anyone.

  Now, I always believed in an even number of cats (or kids, if that is your thing) and my mom had been caring for my cat Sam while I did my late teens early 20’s “move to 17 different places in a year” thing.  Well, Mom needed to give Sam back to me.  Sam was quite old & was showing signs of wear.  On one of my many vet visits with her there was a sign up about a cat the vet had.  The cat was 3 months old and orange and white – not a tabby, but kinda splotchy.  I asked if anyone had asked about him & they woman at the desk said no, and proceeded to tell me how sad it was that this poor cat was a nervous wreck.  I said I’ll take him.  She had to speak with the head vet & I wasn’t ready to take him that day.  Needless to say, that was how Boo came into our lives.  He proceeded to hide under the bed for 3 days – I got so nervous I fed him under the bed.  He finally came out and decided that *I* was his person and that was it.  I was married for almost 8 years and my mother in law never saw Boo.  He doesn’t like the other cats or the other humans – including my honey Tom.  He has never calmed down and while the other cats will share things like a bed, Boo’s bed is HIS bed and no one else had better get into it.  He is now 16 & aside from some digestive issues (that story is for another time) he is doing fine.  In addition, he absolutely LOVES his mommy.

 Then we had to have Sam go to the Rainbow Bridge.  I mourned her for about 3 months (Spike mourned her too; I had never seen a cat mourn before.  It broke my heart).  I decided we needed another cat.  Off to the Humane Society I go and I found this adorable little fluff ball who promptly jumped on my coat and went to sleep.  Now I named her Almoni – my 2 good friends had taken a collection at work to cover the costs of her, Alison & Monica.  Almoni doesn’t know her name, because shortly after getting her home she earned her real name, Monster.  She was like a puppy – tearing the toilet paper up, getting into the Q-tips (I had to buy a container with a lid) and opening my underwear drawer (which she still does and at first caused me to look at my then husband with new eyes).  She is 16 years old and a terror.  But a very lovable, talkative terror.  So, that is my short story about my furry family.  The husband is gone, Tom & I have moved from CT to Colorado and they are all still here, thank goodness.  Now, perhaps the pictures I am going to post of the Cat Postcards I made for “The Pet Postcard Project” will make a bit more sense  – it is a FANTASTIC  non-profit organization & only costs your time, your creativity & postage – read about it here:

Hope you get a chuckle or two from my creations :)


The first and last picture is Monster, the second picture is Spike & Monster, the third picture is Spike, the fourth & fifth are Baby, and the sixth & 7th are Boo :)