Saturday, February 17, 2018

Just FYI: What IS that Spiky Round Thing?

Side View

I have been asked this numerous times since I've started blogging - and no worries, as I had to ask, too - and, while it is intended for one purpose, it has a few names.

The "real" purpose of this little spiky disk is to hold flower arrangements.

I have seen it called a flower frog, kenzan {used for the ikebana Japanese method of flower arranging}, flower arranging frog, pin frog, spiky frog, spiky pin, and basically any combination of the names I've listed.  I call it a flower frog.  I have also seen prices ranging from about $50 down to $5.50.  I would imagine if you were going to use the flower frog for it's intended purpose, it would matter what the diameter is, how heavy it is, the shape {I've seen rectangle ones}, et cetera.  But for our purposes, not so much.

When I first began my search I only found antique ones - beautiful, but I was not going to spend that kind of money on something to prop up my cards.  After some time went by, I began searching again and found a plethora of them, much more reasonably priced.  Just for the record, I got mine at Amazon {is there anything they don't carry?} Unfortunately, the one I use is currently unavailable but if you search for "mini flower frogs flower arranging" you will get a few {I get nothing from Amazon, just thought I'd share.} But definitely do some searching and I am certain you will find one that works for you. 

So now you know what it is, what it's called, why they exist, and where to get one.  Hopefully I've answered some of your questions. ~ Christi


  1. I saw many people put cards on that and take photo of them.
    its so spiky :D

  2. It’s called a flower frog. It used to be used in flower arrangement.


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