Saturday, August 17, 2013

A new addition to my family :)

I want to introduce my newest member of my family - this is "No Name Black Kitten" - LOL.  I have wanted a black cat for ever & there has been a hole in my family since we had to let Baby go to the Rainbow Bridge.  I belong to the local Freecycle list but for some reason I looked on Craigslist in the free stuff section for Denver on Wednesday and a few posts down I saw "Free Kitten".  And against my better judgement, I looked.  And there she was.  I wanted a female (so I'd have 2 males & 2 females) and she was completely black - even her whiskers!  So I called the woman who had her & told her I wanted the kitten but I needed to call the vet first to see if  quarantining her in another room would be enough to keep my current cats safe from FIV and Feline Leukemia (they've been vaccinated but I don't want anything to happen to my kids!).  I got the OK from the vet and called back the woman & we went and picked her up on Thursday.  This kitten is SO happy (she was in a tiny apartment with 3 kids under the age of 5; I'd be happy too if someone rescued me!) She is full of energy, loves to be with people, is very affectionate & so freakin' cute! She has a vet appointment on Monday to get her tests and her initial vaccines & then she'll be able to get out of prison.  Now, I just gotta pick out a name ~


  1. Golly Christi, it took me nearly two weeks to decide on Bleubeard's name. I had to evaluate his personality and habits before I came up with a good name for him. But your new gal is a real cutie.

    You asked how I clean my spray nozzles. I run them under water and spray. If that doesn't work, and often it doesn't, I completely submerge the sprayer in a bucket of water and continue to spray until it frees the sprayer. Sometimes it takes FOREVER to get whatever is in there keeping it from spraying to dislodge enough to pass through the fine mister part of the sprayer. Not sure I helped much, because it would have been easier to show than tell (grin). But thanks for asking, anyway.

    1. I appreciate your answer - NO sprays ever seem to work for me & I am finding out ways to unclog - so far they are all pretty much the same :) And that is EXACTLY why we haven't named her yet - we are waiting to see what she is really like, in "public" - LOL - thanks so much for all your feedback <3

  2. What a darling! I got my first 'alley' cat when I lived in Denver! His name was UBZ. Have a wonderful week. Hugs

  3. Such a cute kitty! I would wait to name her. My kitty is called Kato as she proved herself to be an attack cat just like Bruce Lee on the Pink Panther!
    hugs Karen

  4. she is sooooo gorgeous!
    good luck with naming her, we have a black cat with a terribly long posh sounding name but.... it's a long story and suffice to say..... it is a village in France where we should've been partying but we stayed home to look after the kitten lol
    soft purring fur balls forever!

  5. I can tell you what she would be at my house...her name would already be Harvest Moon just because of those great big beautiful eyes! We would most likely call her moon though.

  6. she looks absolutely adorable!

  7. I am a doggie person, but love when anyone brings home a new family member! She is gorgeous and I am so happy for all of you!


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