Thursday, June 6, 2013

Our Bunny

I just had to show you all the adorable bunny that we have living on our property.  It's so strange to see them everywhere!  They remind me of the way squirrels are on the East Coast.  When I came out to Colorado for vacation, before we moved out here, there was a bunny at the rental car place just hanging out by the side of the road, I was mesmerized!  We do have rabbits on the East Coast, but they are much more timid than the rabbits out here.  This cutie has been around since we moved to this house, even my wonderful mail lady commented on him. So say hello to our bunny!  I have to think of a cool name for him. . .

And they blend in SO well - Monster couldn't even see him from her perch & she is the most curious (read troublemaker) cat we have.  From one side he looks like a rock & blends in with the dirt, from another he is like a fawn brown. . . I just love him!  And I think his name is gonna be Bun E Rabbit works for me & you - i hope to be able get more good pictures of him to share :)

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