Thursday, November 7, 2013

Amazing Mold Putty & Clear Cast Resin

I recently purchased some cool products and I wanted to share my NEW favorite stuff, Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Clear Cast resin. This material is SO much fun and really easy to use!  First, I made my molds – that only takes about 20 minutes from start to finish!  And you can use them for food – like when you make me some chocolates <grin>.  I had never used this sort of stuff before and I was nervous but the molds came out fabulous (I am not going to show you pictures because they are nothing to look at; they are all bumpy and patched and I’d rather have you see the molds that other people have made) and even where I pushed too hard and pierced the bottom of the mold (which I did like 300 times) all you have to do is mix a bit more of the mold putty and patch the hole!  The molds also remain flexible, kind of like rubber, so you can work out your piece without worrying about breaking the mold like you do with some other molding material (and they say on their site that this is great for 2 part molds but I have yet to build up the courage to try one).

Now the resin – I am not the best at playing with stuff that can be dangerous or difficult to use so this was a real test for me.  I mixed up the resin, poured it in the molds I had made and waited about 18 hours for the resin to cure (the directions say to leave the resin anywhere from 24 – 48 hours, but it also cures faster in heat and as some of you know, it was as hot as Hades here in Colorado when I was playing) and then I just bent the molds and out popped the resin castings.  I am SO impressed with myself that first, it worked for me and second that I did it without harming myself, my rug or anything else (THAT is a miracle - trust me!) Since it was so easy, I knew I had to share a few of my castings.

This is the first one I made - no easy going for me!
It is a small frame & due to the nature of the design
the putty stuck in places & the mold was ruined.
Gee, maybe I should have tried something a bit easier?

A leaf made from an earring, the bird is from a charm

This stuff is not cheap but you get a TON of it – I am already saving for my next batch of the putty as I did ruin some by waiting too long to mold it but I do have enough resin to coat my entire room if I choose <grin> - and that is even with me mixing too much (I forget that you are effectively doubling the amount you make because you mix the 2 equal parts) but I made some squigglys and dots and stuff with the resin that wouldn’t fit in my molds (I used a drip on my Halloweenie Shadow Box; I used it to make it look like there was blood running down the box and you can see that HERE).  One suggestion I can give is that is you have a non-stick craft mat USE IT! That way if you overflow your molds (like I did every single time) you can just pick off the resin once it is dry.  And, if you have extra resin, you can use it to make your own squigglys and designs.

Flower made from a pin 

I encourage you to go check out the website (for me, the products section helped the most to narrow down what I wanted to explore & then I watched the videos) and be warned, this stuff is addicting!  Also, sign up for their blog, they share some amazing projects and they are always running specials! I hope you enjoyed my post ~

Skull made from the head of one
of the Dollar Tree Skeletons

Since I wrote this post Alumilite Products has introduced Amazing Mold Rubber – this is definitely my next craft purchase! NOTE: I did not receive any compensation for this post.  Blessings to you & yours ~

 Two different bat charms that I made into molds
You can't really see the detail on the smaller one,
but it's there! I used the larger bat on my Halloween
Shadow Box - you can see that HERE


  1. Great post and isn't it a small world... I am the exact person who can tell you all about making two-part molds with Amazing Mold Putty. Thanks for sharing your love for these products :)

    1. my castings with resin from my putty molds are coming out gritty and dull why? please help i contacted the company but no response

    2. Mimi - Christi asked me to reply. Can you please email a photo of what you are describing to amazingcrafting at yahoo dot com and I can help you further. I am senior designer with Amazing Crafting Products and I'm sure we can sort out what's happening :)

  2. totally fab! thanks for the share. Kim


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