Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Glitter "Putz" House

I grew up with these cute little sparkly houses that would get set up on top of the television at Christmas time with bulbs in the back of them to light them up and that angel hair stuff as snow.  I loved these houses and I loved to play with them.  I don’t know where they disappeared to (probably hanging out with the elves somewhere) but I don’t have any of them.  So I was so happy to discover many patterns for little houses available in the Silhouette store; one of them caught my eye as it really looked like the little glitter houses from my childhood.  It was called a “Putz” house – I had no idea there was a name for these houses let alone collectors and websites that helped you restore them.   After more research and many patterns I decided that I would try to make one of these houses for my Mom for Christmas, hoping it brings back good memories for her as they do me.  So I made the Putz house, which is designed by  Samantha Walker.  There are even instructions on her site, which I didn’t find until I was almost done (of course), but they are very good directions and every easy to follow.  So please join me on this journey to create a glittery Putz house ~

Ta da! I had originally neglected to put the vellum in the windows - but it makes a HUGE difference!

What I Used to Make my House:

Silhouette CAMEO Machine
Glitter Putz House cut file by Samantha Walker (Silhouette Store)
12 x 12 piece of medium weight chipboard
Loose glitter in Hot Kiss by The Art Institute
Loose glitter in Dazzling Diamonds by Stampin’ Up!
Glitter Glue (the bottle is blank so I have no idea who made it)
The Crafters Pick “The Ultimate” glue
Spray Adhesive by 3M
Glitter Paper by Core’dinations “Glitter Silk”
Ranger Wendy Vecchi Ink in Potting Soil and Red Geranium
Gessoing the chipboard
OK, I never even thought about using glitter paper until I couldn’t get an even coat of glitter on the house.  I cut all of the pieces using one piece of chipboard and put everything to the side except for the main house.  I spread the glue all over it and dumped the glitter all around the glue and it never dawned on me that I would have an issue with the glitter.  Well, I did.  Not only did I get glitter in places that should NEVER be glittered, the color of the glitter was uneven.
Uneven glitter :(
  There were parts of the house that were darker than others because of the unevenness of the glue.  Finally I thought if maybe I used spray adhesive I could get the glitter to be nice and cover evenly.  Luckily, that worked well enough for me, because if it didn’t this post would never have been written.  I used the Hot Kiss glitter for the body of the house and when it came time to glitter all the little windows and the door I realized how much easier the process would have been had I used glitter paper instead of loose glitter. So I used a different color of the glitter paper, I guess you’d call it a pink, for the
The construction
windows and the door and cut out the hanging snow in I guess what you’d call white.  I set them aside to tackle the roof and the chimney.

The roof was inked up using Wendy Vecchi’s Potting Soil.  I just wiped the ink pad all around the roof and then tried to do the same with the chimney using Red Geranium.  It worked wonderfully on the roof, but miserably with the chimney – I think because there were so many bends on the chimney I couldn’t get the ink pad close enough to the chipboard.  So I just put a few drops in a tiny cup and used a paint brush to finish the chimney off.  By now I had found the directions since I had no idea how to attach the chimney to the roof.

Once everything was dry, I adhered the windows and the door to the main
My snow & chimney drying
house and glittered the roof with the Dazzling Diamonds (before attaching it) – the glitter was supposed to look like snow, but too much of the brown showed through to get the look I wanted.  So I had to move on to the chimney since it was my plan to use the no name glitter glue on the roof to make it look more like icy snow but I needed to attach the chimney first.  Another hiccup – I could not get the little tabs on the chimney to attach to the roof the way it said to in the directions.  I ended up using masking tape and more glue (on the inside, where the chimney attached to the roof) than I should have, but it is attached now.  I put the hanging snow around the chimney and used a rubber band to keep it all inline (a loose rubber band – too tight and the chimney would be crushed and so would the house).  I let the house sit overnight.  I think we both needed a break.

Roof & chimney close up
Finally, the last step was to attach the hanging snow (I am not sure if it supposed to be icicles or snow; snow is easier to spell) onto the roof and the roof to the house.  At this point the roof still had the initial glitter “that should look like snow” on it and it was amazing how much glitter came off and once again ended up in the oddest places.  But I persisted.  I had to put the roof under a large book overnight because it warped so much, but it worked fairly well – there is one part that no matter what I did I could not get the hanging snow to completely adhere to the roof, but at this point I am just trying to get the house done so I can finally clean up all the glitter.  But I tried everything to get the dumb thing to stick – nope.  It’s ok; I know when I am beaten.  And the roof won
Roof "scallops"
that round. The last step was to make that icy snow on the roof – the rest of the house was all put together and holding its own, so I get the no name glitter glue and test it out.  Clogged.  I clear the nozzle.  Clogged. I cut the tip down a bit and begin to put the glitter glue in scallops all over the roof.  Didn’t matter that the glitter glue was coming out a tad fast, as the drips that occurred actually look better to me than the nice & neat scallops I tried to doodle with the glitter glue.  In retrospect I think if I had used my brain and the glittered cardstock, things would have gone much smoother.  But, Mom is going to love it and she won’t even notice all the glitter that ends up on her floor (hehe).  I hope to make one of these a year (at least) and eventually have a village for my Mom to enjoy!  Thanks for stopping by & I hope your holiday plans are going smoothly ~ Christi

Another view of the finished house

Difficult to get a good picture of it lit

I tried everything to get these pictures to stay even - they look fine in my view, but they get wonky in the "real" view - Sorry! 

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